The Wifi Marketing Tool that drives your digital strategy.

Optimize your business’s Wifi Marketing

-Know your customers better and act in real time on them-

Real Time Marketing

Analyze the behavior of visitors to interact in real time

Integration with CRM

Impact visitors through personalized messages according to their tastes and interests

Social Wifi

It offers wifi and increases the number of visits, sales and customer satisfaction

New Communication Channel

Interact on different platforms, according to the target of your users

Free Wifi

Installation of the tool and management of wifi coverage area with the maximum guarantees

Heat Maps

Create areas and measure behavior or transit through heat maps

Log-in Social

Access to free wifi through log-in (email or social log-in)

Interact with users

Contact and interact with users through Push with advertising, through email marketing or in APPs developed for each campaign


Measure the results and optimize your campaigns

Do you want to turn your Wifi into a Marketing tool?

Endless Benefits

Increase your sales

It offers wifi and increases the number of visits, sales, the rate of return and increases the satisfaction of your customers

Increase web traffic

Increase traffic on your website, your fans, “likes”, your downloads of APPs, check-in …

Get to know your visitors

Know the profile of the visitor and analyze their behavior patterns

Multi-channel campaigns

Create recruitment, loyalty and recovery campaigns through any channel


Real Time with your CRM

Get anonymous visitors to become customers in your CRM and interact with them in Real Time


Identify your customers

Recognize your web clients before, during and after the visit. A complete vision of the Customer Journey

Enrich your Database

Enrich your CRM database with social information from your users

Alcanza el “engagement”

Improve your loyalty programs and increase the “engagement” rate

90% of customers expect to have free Wi-Fi in the establishments they visit.

Do you want to know how to do Wifi Marketing with Guest2Customer?


Guest2Customer is a tool developed by the IT team of Artyco, a company specializing in customer knowledge and CRM that operates from 1995 in Spain.

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