Get to know your customers better and communicate with them


Enrich your information with social data, obtain metrics and behavioral data in your business, and communicate with them in a simple way.

What can you do with Guest2Customer?

Get to know your customers better and act in real time on them

Guest2Customer allows you to easily create your custom Splash Page

This will be the first thing your customers see before connecting to your WiFi.

Get information about the hot and cold points of your business.

Although your visits do not log-in, you can know the flow of users, as well as times and moments of passage. All thanks to the WiFi search signal that mobile phones emit and that 90% of people always keep active.

Design campaigns using responsive templates available in the tool, or create your own.

You have predefined welcome, farewell, return to connection, location based on predefined areas, and segments of your database for loyalty.

Analyze and measure the results.

Active WiFi`s, logged-in users, new visits, use of social log-in, time in areas of interest, social activity and many more, in a simple and fully customizable way.

Do you want to delve into the tool?


Guest2Customer is a tool developed by the IT team of Artyco, a company specializing in customer knowledge and CRM that operates from 1995 in Spain.

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