WiFi Marketing for Buses

What can be achieved with Wi-Fi Marketing?

Offer free WiFi and improve the travel experience of Public transport users. Encourage the reduction of the use of the private vehicle. Facilitates access to the Information Society to citizens


Increased user knowledge

Through social login, expand your users’ information: gender, ages, city, tastes, interests …


Create a different displacing experience

Share with them videos, images or news of the day, and create a unique experience among your users, which makes them prefer public transport to private.


Encourage downloading of your Apps

Invite visitors to download your applications or follow your social networks thus increasing the commitment to users.


Communicate in real time

Communicate with your users along the way informing them of events, changes in routes, waiting times or relevant news of the city.


Measure and analyze

Analyze influx, type of users and recurrence, from the tool itself. It collects data on the actions carried out, as well as information on engagement in RRSS.

No changes to your installation! We take care of everything

How does it work?

We create your Wifi coverage area.

Users looking for Wifi will log in to access your network.

Meet and interact with your customers in real time.

Measure results and optimize your campaigns.


Guest2Customer is a tool developed by the IT team of Artyco, a company specialized in customer knowledge and CRM that has been operating since 1995 in Spain.

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