Wifi marketing for franchises

What can be achieved with Wifi Marketing?

It offers free Wifi, attracts new customers, acts on them in real time, trust them and analyzes the results. Stay in touch with your customers at all times. Use wifi marketing in your point-of-sale strategy.


Identify your regular customers

Recognize your loyal customers through the back of your free Wi-Fi network, and enrich your database with the ones you already have in your CRM.


Reduce your dropout rate

Thanks to the knowledge you provide from the user, you will be able to offer the right products or services, reducing your abandonment rate.


Communicate with your customers

Send personalized messages to your customers in real time, and encourage purchase with one-off offers and discounts.


Cross Selling

Increase your sales, incentivizing cross-selling. Make your customers more profitable.


Improve your loyalty plan

Know your customers’ visits to your store and reward their loyalty. It creates lasting relationships thanks to the user’s knowledge.


Measure and analyze your results

Create heat maps of your establishment, measure the results of your actions and discuss them for the future.

No changes to your installation! We take care of everything

How does it work?

We create your Wifi coverage area.

Users looking for Wifi will log in to access your network.

Meet and interact with your customers in real time.

Measure results and optimize your campaigns.


Guest2Customer is a tool developed by the IT team of Artyco, a company specialized in customer knowledge and CRM that has been operating since 1995 in Spain.

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