Wifi Markteing for Retail

What can be achieved with Wifi Marketing?

Share your Wi-Fi network and improve your customers’ shopping experience. Wi-Fi Marketing can turn stores into interactive and intelligent spaces that harmonize the online and offline shopping experience.


Wifi tracking

Understand the behavior of your visits, obtaining data such as number of visits, store time, repetition rate, evolution of the influx or map of hot and cold areas.


Creation of own database

Collect segmented information from your customers, enriching your CRM and increasing it through the logon to your Wi-Fi network. Define better the profile of your customers.


Communication with the customer

Improve the shopping experience of your customers by offering additional services. Know who is looking at your online store from your physical store and impact on it with the right message.


Customer loyalty

Segment your customers and communicate with them, loyalty and increasing the rate of repetition per customer at the point of sale.



Conduct satisfaction surveys and get direct feed-back from your customers that allows you to continue improving and adapt to your needs.


Analyze and loyalty

Measure your results, discuss them, give your customers what they like and trust them.

No changes to your installation! We take care of everything

How does it work?

We create your Wifi coverage area.

Users looking for Wifi will log in to access your network.

Meet and interact with your customers in real time.

Measure results and optimize your campaigns.


Guest2Customer is a tool developed by the IT team of Artyco, a company specialized in customer knowledge and CRM that has been operating since 1995 in Spain.

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